Tuesday, March 10, 2020

101 in 1001 Update

I am so sorry that I have been MIA lately and that this is the first blog post in like 2ish weeks! 
Things have been super busy and I've been feeling a little uninspired. (I've also been stuck in a book series. More on that later.) 
But I'm finally feeling inspired and have lots of content I'm excited to share. ( I just need to get it shot. haha)
Today I thought I would share an update on my 101 in 1001. I posted this for the first time back in October of 2017. I kind of forgot about the list honestly. 
Since I am quickly approaching the big 3-0 and my 1001 days will be up I thought it would be a good time to access where I'm at. 
See below for all the things I've ticked off the list and what I have left. (Some of which I'm sure will not be completed, but that is ok with me. I tried!)

1.    Go to Europe  
(Went to Paris 1/8/2020 for our mini moon)
2.    Get a promotion
(I’ve gotten promoted twice. The first time in May of 2018 and then again in October.)
3.    Get a puppy
(J surprised me with one on Christmas 12/25/2017)
4.    Go on a vacation with just my mom
5.    Go on a vacation with just my dad
6. Run a half marathon
(Ran the Donna ½ Marathon 2/11/2018)
7.    Take a cooking class
8.    Spend NYE in NYC
9.    Attend Fashion Week
10. Volunteer at the Humane Society
(Volunteered in August 2018)
11. Buy a Louis Vuitton Bag
12. Spend a whole day with my nephew doing whatever he wants
13. Treat my parents to a nice dinner
14.Buy a pair of Louboutins
15. Go to an NBA game
(Went to a Cavs game 12/17/2017)
16.Read 15 books
(After | After We Collided | After We Fell | After Ever Happy | Before | How to Walk Away | The Party | The Unhoneymooners | Truly, Madly, Guilty, Marriage Vacation | Nine Perfect Strangers | Are You Sleeping | An Anonymous Girl | The Perfect Couple | The Wife Between Us | The Identicals | The Lying Game)
17. Try 10 new restaurants in Jacksonville (Town Hall | Catullos)
18. Travel to 5 new places (Cleveland 11/2017 | Paris 1/2020 | St Thomas V.I. 11/2018 | Hamptons NY 7/2018 )
19. Go fishing with my dad
20. Learn to shoot in manual mode on my camera
21. Do a giveaway on my blog
(Smile Brilliant in January 2018)
22. Hit 500 classes at Pure Barre
23. Go to Chicago
24. Send out a Christmas Card
(Sent out our first Family Christmas card in 2018)
25. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal for my family or others
26. Go to an NHL game
27. Grow a pineapple
(Jeff’s mom got me one for Easter last year. Sadly it rained a bunch and snapped off L )
28. Go to the Spa
(Did this for my Birthday last year. Will probably go again for my Birthday this year.)
29. Go to Disney World
30. See the leaves change in the mountains
31. Go to Biltmore
(Did our engagement photos in February of 2019)
32. Host a brunch party at my house
(Had one for my Birthday last year.)
33. Try paddle boarding
34. Redesign my blog
35. Make business cards for my blog
36. Clean out my closet (clothes & shoes)
37. Make 10 new recipes from pinterest
38. Try orange theory
(Tried it last January and have been going religiously ever since.)
39. Ride a mechanical bull
40. Do a pedal pub
41. Run the Gate River Run again
42. Go to 2 golf events with J other than TPC
(I didn’t get to go with J exactly but he got me tickets to President’s Cup in 2018 and The US Open in 2019)
43. Learn about my ancestors/heritage
44. Go camping
45. Organize ALL the closets in my house
46. Pay for the person behind me in the stabucks line
47. Buy something vintage
48. Send my mom flowers
49. Spend an entire weekend binge watching Netflix (this sounds bad but I NEVER do this anymore)
50.Go to 5 concerts
(Backstreet Boys August 2019 | Kacey Musgraves 9/2020 |)
51. Go to a Jags away game
(Jags vs Browns 11/19/2017)
52. Get another tattoo
53. Donate to a charity
(Donated to ASPCA on giving Tuesday 11/28/2017)
54. Go to a winery
55. Go apple picking
56. Take a painting with a twist class
57. Go to Oktoberfest
58. Get a facial
(Got my first one last July 7/2019)
59. Go snorkeling
(Did a little snorkeling on our Mexico trip in 2/2018)
60. Pay off a big chunk of my student loans (more than half)
61. Get on a really good skin regimen
(Pretty happy with my skincare routine right now.)
62. Finish decorating my house (and maybe decorate a new one)
(Guess we can cross this one off. Hopefully will be getting to decorate a new one soon.)
63. Get on a consistent blog schedule and stick to it (goal is at least 3 days a week)
64. Go horseback riding
65. Learn to ski or snowboard
66. Throw roaring 20’s party for my 29th birthday
67. Inspire someone
68. Take a girls trip
(Charleston 12/2017)
69. Try juicing
(Did a 3 day Juice Cleanse in January 2019. Can’t wait to do another soon.)
70. Find a signature drink other than a vodka soda or margarita (I have multiple but my current fav is a dirty martini.)
71. Go vegetarian for a week (bonus points if I can last a month)
72. Organize all my makeup and skin care products  
(Did this last October. Need to share all the organizers I used.)
73. Watch the sunrise
(Watched the Sunrise the first day we were in Mexico 2/2018)
74. Cut down my own Christmas tree
75. Have a picnic
(Did this in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower)
76. Write a letter to myself to open on my 35th birthday
77. Be able to do all 3 splits
78. Take an aerial yoga class
(Did this in November of 2019 I believe? There’s a place on Class Pass near my house.)
79. Get a new pair of glasses
80. Find out my blood type
81. Attend a polo match (bonus points if it’s the Veuve Polo Classic)
82. Try kickboxing
83. Make homemade pasta
(Can’t remember exactly when we did this, but J’s mom got a pasta maker for Christmas 2018 so sometime last year.)
84. Make a wreath for our front door
85. Invest in a good quality pair of running shoes
(Bought a pair of brooks 12/2017)
86. Try 5 new restaurants in St Augustine
(Casa Maya 11/2019 |)
87. Get a real Christmas tree for the house
(December 2017)
88. Meal prep for one week (bonus points if I can do it once a week for a month)
89. Go to an FSU game in Tallahasse
90. Have a classic movie marathon with my mom and watch all of her favorites like Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady, etc
91. Learn to braid my own hair (fishtail, French, & dutch)
92. Collaborate with a local store for my blog
(Collaborated with Fig & Willow a few times and Parkside Harbor)
93. Take a hot air balloon ride
94. Hit my daily steps goal of 10,000 every day for a month
95. Take a staycation
96. Take a day off once every 6 months just to clean/relax at home
97. Create a budget and stick to it
98. Plan a whole date night for me and J
99. Write city guides for all of the places I have lived
100. Come up with 101 things
(completed 10/18/2017)
101. Plan an epic 30th birthday trip

As you can see I definitely have some work to do. I turn 30 exactly 4 months from tomorrow so I have a little bit of time. Stay tuned to see what all I get to check off by then. 

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